Agricultural Electrical Contractors

Agricultural Electrical Contractors

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Agricultural Electrical Contractors

It takes a skilled agricultural electrical contractor to complete electrical work on a farm or estate. Due to the proximity of livestock and exposure to a harsh environment that includes water, temperature changes, contaminants, and chemicals, agricultural sites can be challenging and dangerous. All agricultural applications can benefit from the expertise of Milton Keynes Electrical Group’s team of electricians. We have the skills to offer results and an installation that will persist as long as feasible under all circumstances thanks to our in-depth understanding of industry laws and our ability to work on large-scale projects.

Estates, stables, liveries, farms with both crops and livestock, as well as other agricultural businesses, are among our regular clients. From our experience, it is frequently necessary to conduct electrical work on farms within a highly constrained timeline. You can carry on seasonal projects thanks to our tailored Agricultural Electrical Services.

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Workmanship and material guarantees

For your peace of mind, we offer a 24-month craftsmanship warranty on the majority of our work.

If certain jobs or repairs, like recessed cables, make it impossible for us to honour the 24-month labour guarantee. You will see this clearly written on your invoice.

Materials and components used in Milton Keynes Electrical Group will be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee. This normally makes sure that broken goods are changed or fixed within a predetermined time period, which is often 12 months.

Guarantees are legally binding, and information on how to submit a claim should be provided. Your buyer’s rights, which must be specified in the guarantee, are in addition to these. Please get in touch with your engineer or one of our helpful call centre agents if you have any questions.

Electricity in Farm & Agricultural Regulations

Electrical safety guidelines have been created by the HSE and other organisations, and they are appropriate for a variety of technical backgrounds and industries. The majority of the HSE’s output is available for immediate download.

You may find more details on the agriculture website (Electricity in agriculture). Although it is geared toward those in the agricultural industry, many of the concepts discussed apply to other types of employment. Safe working distances from overhead lines, risk assessment and risk mitigation, usage of barriers and goalposts, driving close to overhead lines, ladders, and safe stacking of items are some of the subjects discussed.

Our Electrical Services
For residential properties, our skilled domestic electrical Engineers can handle a range of electrical services. Our electricians make every effort to disrupt your property as little as possible and to leave it spotless following their visit. Please view our Commercial Electrics webpage for more information if you run or own a business.
  • Electrical design and installation
  • Planned, preventative and reactive maintenance
  • Installation, maintenance, and testing of all types of internal and external emergency and security lighting
  • Specialist design, installation and retrofitting of all types of LED lighting
  • Fault finding, inspection and testing
  • Power Supplies, Armoured And Overhead Cables
  • 3 Phase, Split Phase And Single Phase
  • Outbuildings, Stables, Barns And Bothies
  • Installation and maintenance of milk cooling systems
  • Water pump and purification systems
  • Water treatment and sewage plants
  • Grain dryers and grading machinery
  • Ventilation
  • Motors
  • Temporary and backup generators
  • Solar PV
  • Electrical surveys and fixed wiring electrical installation condition reports meeting insurance and Health And Safety Requirements
  • Minor Works