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Electrical Installation Condition Reports

After an evaluation by a certified engineer or electrician, Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) are provided as an official document. The evaluation is based on the calibre of your electrical installation; over time, the cables and electrics will deteriorate. Electrical safety standards BS7671 require that an electrical installation condition report be performed on a regular basis. Although this term is suggested and typically only supplied if the installation is in good condition and is a rental housing or commercial building, the usual time given in BS7671 is 5 Years.

You will be informed of the EICR’s status through the periodic inspection report (the previous version of the EICR). Either this is satisfactory or it is not. This will depend on how well the installation is maintained. Any defaults are often noted on page 2 of the electrical installation condition report; if necessary, our skilled engineers (Electricians) may explain every default in much more depth on the electrical installation report.

An Electrical installation condition report (EICR) will tell you the following:

  • If the electrical circuits are in working order and are safe to use
  • Whether there is a chance of receiving an electric shock
  • Any installed electrical work that is defective or inadequate
  • Recommendations for the building’s internal earthing
  • An inspection of the consumer unit’s condition

Milton Keynes Electrical Group offers all types of electrical reports, such as PAT testing, fire alarm reports, emergency light reports, and condition reports on electrical installations, among others. All residential, commercial, and industrial buildings are covered by us. Our goal is to offer a high-calibre service at a reasonable cost.

EICR certificates and reports are available for as little as £79 inc. VAT!

  • PAT TESTING & TESTING A 2-3 Bed – £169 INC VAT
  • LARGER PROPERTIES (Call for an Estimate)
  • COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL EICR (Call for an Estimate).

Prices consist of up to 12 circuits and 10 appliances per property.

Prices include VAT at a 20% rate.

Electrical Safety Test & Inspection

To ensure that they are safe and conform to wiring regulations, an electrical test and inspection are also carried out on the wiring and permanent electrical components. An additional service that can greatly benefit a property is the provision of a schedule of circuits.

I require an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report), but what kind?

EICR reports come in only one type, but the abundance of names has caused confusion. The names of every EICR Report are included in the table below.

  • A visual condition report – a visual inspection only, not a complete EICR
  • Periodic inspection reports – An older version of the report
  • Electrical Installation Certificate – A new circuit or complete installation requires an electrical installation certificate.
  • Electrical safety certificates – Although it doesn’t actually exist, people nevertheless refer to electrical safety certificates.

What is the purpose of an EICR?

AN EICR report’s main goal is to guarantee the safety of people, property, and livestock at the location of the electrical installation. The frequency of an EICR report depends on the type of installation, although it is recommended that it be done on a frequent basis.

  • Depending on the type of property, an Electrical Installation Condition Report may be required every year for swimming pools or every five years for domestic houses.
  • Environmental conditions such as areas containing water, like a swimming pool, are likely to have more regular testing.
  • It will be advised that the EICR be performed more frequently if an electrical installation is being used improperly.
  • Modification in how the household property is used, such as a HMO. This may be a change in occupancy for rental properties, a property that is getting ready to sell, or a property that is being bought. To ensure that a rental property is still electrically safe, it is strongly advised to conduct an EICR with each change in tenancy. The easiest technique to determine whether electrical system maintenance is necessary for a property that is being bought is to request an EICR.
  • Any concerns the homeowner may have regarding the condition of their electrical installation.

How frequently should an EICR report be conducted?

The maximum intervals between inspections and tests are as follows, according to the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE): Even though your last EICR will be decided at that time by the certified electrician:

  • Private domestic electrical installations – Every ten years or whenever there is a change in occupancy, private domestic electrical installations should be checked.
  • Rental Properties – Domestic electrical installations that are rented out should be checked every five years or whenever the tenant changes.
  • Commercial electrical installations – Commercial properties are required to be tested electrically every five years or whenever there is a change in tenant.
  • Industrial electrical installations – Industrial installations must be checked every three years or whenever there is a change in tenant.

Milton Keynes Electrical Group’s EICR Report To-Do checklist?

Before Milton Keynes Electrical Groups’ electrician visits your property for your next inspection, there are a few things we recommend you do. The property will be ready for your electrician to conduct a thorough electrical inspection if you take the measures detailed below:

  • All electrical outlets and the consumer unit must be completely accessible to the electrician. The EICR must be conducted without any obstructions. Otherwise, this can result in delays and extra costs.
  • Let us know in advance if we need to use ladders to access the fuse board or consumer unit.
  • Verify that your electrical system is turned on and energised.
  • If you notice any damaged fixtures or fittings, please let us know so we can bring replacements. This will help us avoid writing an inadequate EICR report.
  • Before the test, unplug all apparatus. TVs, fridges/freezers, and washing machines are a few examples.
  • Make sure that the consumer unit is suitably labelled; inadequate labelling can result in failure.
  • When the aforementioned items are not adhered to, a full test is not always conducted; however, this will not always result in an unsatisfactory EICR Report.
  • Please provide any old EICR reports.

Prices from £99 for Electrical certificates

  • PAT TESTING & TESTING A 2-3 Bed – £169 INC VAT
  • LARGER PROPERTIES (Call for an Estimate)
  • COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL EICR (Call for an Estimate).

Prices consist of up to 12 circuits and 10 appliances per property.

Prices include VAT at a 20% rate.

Call 01908 317525 if you have any questions or would like to book an EICR with Milton Keynes Electrical Group

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EICR frequently asked questions

Is an EICR report necessary?

After carefully testing and inspecting your property, only a certified electrician or electrical engineer may provide an EICR. The electrical report gives you in-depth evaluations and insights into the current integrity and health of the electrical system on your property. It demonstrates whether or not you require any additional remedial work. It also confirms that the current installation complies with appropriate electrical safety regulations, as well as whether there are any concerns that require immediate attention. The data you will receive from the report is essential since it will direct your next actions.

How often should you get a report on the condition of an electrical installation?

You also need to be aware that for both residential and commercial tenanted buildings, your electrical testing certification needs to be renewed every five years. Every year inspections should be conducted if there is a pool on the property.

Is an EICR a legal requirement?

England passed a law requiring landlords to show tenants these reports as proof that their properties are safe to occupy in order to further protect tenants. Having said that, it is strongly advised to obtain an EICR for each change in tenancy.

Do I require an EICR to submit a claim for property insurance?

Insurance companies view routine electrical inspections as a need of the landlord in order to lessen the risk of electrocution, fire, and other associated accidents. Before approving a landlord’s claims and covering the costs of repairs and other charges, they search for electrical certifications and other paperwork, such as PAT test results and emergency light testing.

Will any additional work be required?

Once an EICR has been carried out and before issuing a certificate, any electrical faults will need to be rectified, which could incur additional costs.

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