EV Charger Installation In
Milton Keynes

Your Local Friendly EV Charger Specialists

EV Charger Installation in Milton Keynes

Your Local Friendly
EV Charger Specialists

Domestic EV Charger Installation in Milton Keynes

Many car owners will transition to electric or hybrid vehicles as the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles will be banned in the UK by the year 2030. The need for EV charging stations is growing as the sale of electric vehicles increases. Your new charging station at home or work can be designed and installed by Milton Keynes Electrical Group, giving you the infrastructure you need for an environmentally friendly transportation system.

Businesses, homeowners, and landlords in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas can use our EV charging solutions. If you’re worried about the price? To learn more about the financing the government is offering and the grant programmes available, call us or contact us here. We will handle all the paperwork for you, so don’t worry!

The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS), which provides up to £350 for the installation of electric car chargers in your home, is presently accepting grant applications. Milton Keynes Electrical Group has been authorised to perform these works for you as an Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) approved installer, enabling you to take part in the program.

Our engineers will conduct a free survey of your property when you work with Milton Keynes Electrical Group to install your EV charger in order to determine the best solution for you. From there, our team will schedule the installation of your EV charger to minimise disruption and maximise effectiveness.

EV Charger Installation in Milton Keynes

EV Charger Installation in Milton Keynes - Anderson

Easee One

EV Charger Installation in Milton Keynes - Easee

EO Charging

EV Charger Installation in Milton Keynes - EO Basic

EV Box

EV Charger Installation in Milton Keynes - EV Box


EV Charger Installation in Milton Keynes - Hypervolt


EV Charger Installation in Milton Keynes - OHME


EV Charger Installation in Milton Keynes - Rolec


EV Charger Installation in Milton Keynes - Schneider


EV Charger Installation in Milton Keynes - Zappi

Why Choose Milton Keynes Electrical Group?

if you are looking for an EV Charger Installation in Milton Keynes, you are in the right place. You are selecting an OLEV-approved, knowledgeable, and highly skilled company when you work with Milton Keynes Electrical Group to execute your EV charger installation. While providing you with expert advice, our electricians will always make sure that the services they provide are personalised to your needs.

Types of electrical vehicle charging points

Understanding the different charging stations before installing your EV charger can help you choose the right one for your needs based on how frequently you use your vehicle. For people who commute between home and work every day, a fast SuperCharger is perfect because it can charge a car up to 80% in just 20 minutes.

Fast and slow chargers, however, are the two types of charging stations that homeowners choose because they are the most energy-efficient. A slow charger is better suited for overnight charging because it might take anywhere from 6 to 12 hours to fully charge in comparison to a rapid charger.

Government Approved Installer

A seasoned installer of electric vehicles with government approval is Milton Keynes Electrical Group Ltd. We provide a range of EV charging stations to fit every environment, including residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, office buildings, and all different kinds of businesses.

Net Zero by 2050

We are dedicated to doing our part to help the government reach its goal of having Net Zero Carbon Emissions by the year 2050. One of the most crucial things you can do to help is to switch from a gasoline or diesel vehicle to an electric vehicle.

Claim your Grant with us

With its various grant programs, the government currently provides homeowners, landlords, and business owners with a sizeable amount of financial assistance to help with the expense of installing new E.V. Charge points. This can be claimed on your behalf by us. To learn more, see the information below.

Landlords and Property Owners

Depending on how their properties are set up, landlords and property owners can apply for grants ranging from £350.00 to £30,000.00 to help offset the cost of installing electric vehicle charging stations. We will organise all of the necessary paperwork for you. For more information on the criteria, see the section below.

Business premises and the Workplace

A subsidy of between £350.00 and £15,000.00 is available to SMEs and other workplace business owners to help pay for the cost of their electric charging points. You can contact us to arrange a free site visit to discuss your requirements or read more about the criteria in the text below!

Chargers to suit your Budget

Rolec, Project E.V, Anderson, Zappi, and Hypervolt are just a few of the electric vehicle charge points we supply and install. We can help you choose the best electric vehicle charging station for your needs and budget. Get in touch with us for further details.
We Install Compatible Chargers for all plug-in vehicle brands

Audi EV Charger

BMW EV Charger

Chevrolet EV Charger

Citroen EV Charger

Cupra EV Charger

DS Auto EV Charger

Fiat EV Charger

Ford EV Charger

Honda EV Charger

Hyundai EV Charger

Jaguar EV Charger

Jeep EV Charger

Kia EV Charger

Land Rover EV Charger

Mercedes EV Charger

MG EV Charger

Mini EV Charger

Mitsubishi EV Charger

Morgan EV Charger

Polstar EV Charger

Nissan EV Charger

Porsche EV Charger

Peugeot EV Charger

Renault EV Charger

Seat EV Charger

Skoda EV Charger

Smart EV Charger

Tesla EV Charger

Toyota EV Charger

Vauxhall EV Charger

VW Volkswagen EV Charger

Volvo EV Charger